Download GR/GRX Documentation

Users Guide
Basic usage instructions in PDF format. Download this to also get answers to frequently asked questions.

Version History
Change log and version history.
If you need a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader you can obtain it here.

Digitally Signed Versions

We can provide Digitally Signed versions of our Win32 applications. In Vista and Windows 7 this will allow the programs to run without a warning that the application has not been signed. These versions of Windows use a digital signature to prove the authenticity of the application. However, to go towards the cost of obtaining a certificate we ask you to make a donation of 10 or more. Click here for a sample of a program signed with our certificate.


One or two downloads on this site are marked as nagware. This means that you will be reminded when you use the software that it is not a commercial product. Please contact us to receive a copy that does not have this reminder. We also ask that you make a donation to assist with the cost in hosting this site.

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