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Download the version you need for your operating system.

General Replace Multi-File (GRX) Utility (Updated 17/6/2011: v1.79ZD)
Takes a file specification so you can work on more than one file or directory at once.

DOS and Win16
These versions will run on DOS 6, Windows 3.1, however this limits the maximum filesize and does not support long filenames. Download this if you need a version compatible with older operating systems, or if you need the most lightweight version available.

Win32 (98/NT/2K/XP/Vista/7)
This version supports long file names and runs as a character mode executable.
It supports long filenames and works with file sizes up to 2GB. This is the version that you are most likely to need.

OS/2 and EComstation - NAGWARE
This is the 32-bit version of the OS2 program. It runs in a command Window. If you need a 16-bit version please contact us.

All of these programs are available in streamlined, reduced functionality "Lite" versions mainly for use on slower machines. Please contact us if you need one of these versions.

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